A Journey to Nature's Wonderland !

Discover the Untouched Beauty of Uummannaq in Greenland with Sikutours 

Uummannaq Fare Above The Arctic Circle

Discover the hidden gem of a traditional Greenlandic experience, untouched by tourists. One where hunting and fishing remain vital aspects of everyday life join us at Uummannaq Fare Above The Arctic Circle.

Uummannaq offers all of the same experiences as other, more popular destinations in Greenland, but with fewer tourists and a greater sense of community.

Join us during summer and follow the whales to the glaciers, enormous icebergs, and small settlements of the beautiful Uummannaq Fjord. Or dance with us under the northern lights during winter as we dogsled across the sea ice to those same destinations and ice fish for our dinner.

If you are willing to trade 4-star hotels and gourmet meals for a true adventure led by local hunting, fishing and sailing guides. We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your cultural escape.

Much of Greenland is whiter than green, yet the island offers much more than snow activities. Explore the lush shoreline’s natural characteristics. Travel Greenland with our different Greenland Vacations Package -Ice Fishing & Dog Sledding Adventure for snow activities. Explore museums that highlight the narrative of this remarkable country’s pioneering people.

Experience the ultimate adventure on our Uummannaq tour and embrace the life of an Inuit for seven memorable days. Be prepared to bundle up in warm clothing and join a sled dog team as their musher on the east coast or in far northern towns. This tour promises an unforgettable journey into the world of dog-sledding and Inuit culture.

Summer in Uummannaq

Fantastic local song

Winter in Uummannaq



Our guides have extensive knowledge and experience in the Uummannaq fjord and its wilderness. They have a deep understanding of the area’s terrain, flora and fauna, making them great companions for an adventure trip.


We acquaint you with the indigenous communities and guide you through the authentic customs of Uummannaq. Our aim is to provide you with an immersive experience and help you learn about the local way of life.


We take pleasure in tailoring and adapting itineraries according to your preferences and requirements. Our aim is to design a personalized travel plan that fits your interests and needs. Incase you are not comfortable with existing packages.