Why Uummannaq

Experience a more traditional Greenland in a place that is largely unknown to tourists and where hunting and fishing are still integral to daily life.

Uummannaq offers all of the same experiences as other, more popular destinations in Greenland, but with fewer tourists and a greater sense of community.

Join us during summer and follow the whales to the glaciers, enormous icebergs, and small settlements of the beautiful Uummannaq Fjord. Or dance with us under the northern lights during winter as we dogsled across the sea ice to those same destinations and ice fish for our dinner.

If you are willing to trade 4-star hotels and gourmet meals for a true adventure led by local hunting, fishing and sailing guides, we’d love to hear from you and help you plan your cultural escape.

Much of Greenland is whiter than green, yet the island offers much more than snow activities. Explore the lush shoreline’s natural characteristics. Travel Greenland with our different Greenland Vacations Package -Ice Fishing & Dog Sledding Adventure for snow activities. Explore museums that highlight the narrative of this remarkable country’s pioneering people.

Enjoy our tour in Uummannaq, living as an Inuit for 7 days, dressing warmly, and accompanying a musher in a sled dog team on the east coast or in far northern towns.

Popular Tours

Popular Tours:



Our guides have been exploring the Uummannaq Fjord and backcountry for many years


We introduce you to local communities and teach you traditional practices


We are happy to create or adjust itineraries to your interests and needs