Trophy hunting in Uummannaq far above the Arctic circle

Together with B&H Jagtrejser in Denmark, we offer a Unique hunting experience in the Uummannaq area 460 km North of the polar circle.

Here are the local Hunters who are trained hunting guides, they know the fjord, the country and the weather like the back of their hand.

We place great emphasis on your safety and benefits of the trip, which is the year we carefully selected and in collaboration with other local hunter agree on which animals in the area to take out for trophy hunting.

Winter hunting: Reindeer

Day 1. The hunter arrives at Uummannaq, where I will personally stand in the Heliport and receive the hunter.

Then I will take care of his accommodation and his well-being.

I will have dinner with the hunter and later explain about the course of the trip as well as safety.


Day 2. Breakfast together and preparation for the big hunting trip.

Late in the morning, like me, we will drive 2 sledges due to safety.

We have to drive 4-5 hours dog sledding to get to the camp which is located around the two old prisoners cabins at majoriarsuatsiaq where Knud Rasmussen also spent the night, we have built our own camp of tents.

Late afternoon in the camp will check the hunter’s rifle so it is inserted correctly.

Dinner and later peace in the camp.


Day 3. First day of hunting, we take the dog sled up to the reindeer area around Boye’s lake (Isortoq)


Day 4. Second hunting day, if we have not killed any reindeer / Seen on the first hunting day we will move the camp to the end of (Saqqaq Tasersua) in the country down towards Saqqaq and we will be in contract with prisoners from Saqqaq if they have spotted some animals from Saqqaq af.


Day 5. Third hunting day if we have no reindeer killed / Set we will drive out towards the end of Nuussuaq to spot in that area.


Day 6. Return to Uummannaq and small game hunting & Uuttoq.


Day 7. Departure from Uummannaq where I hand him in personally at the heliport where a personal gift has been given to him

  • Once we’ve got a reindeer, a snowmobile will come and pick up the trophy and drive it safely to Uummannaq for further shipment.
  • Before leaving, I will have talked to hunter from the area about whether reindeer have been spotted in the areas we want to hunt in.
  • Small game on Nuussuaq: Grouse, Polar Hare & Polar Fox
  • We have brought snowshoes if we are to hike in the area.