Family Friendly Tours in Uummannaq


Summer and Winter Tours available

Family Friendly tours in Uummannaq may be more rugged and less developed than other destinations in Greenland, but that makes it even better for kids.

Here they can experience a simpler and more relaxed life. One where children still play in the street and screens occupy only a small fraction of the day. Where the great outdoors is one giant playground to explore. Where people catch their own food, and where not everything is as simple or as instant as a trip to the shop or a click of a button online.

Our history is also very different to what your kids may have learned about other cultures. The Inuit survived for thousands of years in extremely harsh conditions and with no outside help. We are always happy to share stories of how they did this without modern conveniences and talk about our continuing close relationship with the land and sea. We also like to tell one of the most popular myths from Greenland – that of the “Mother of the Sea” – as an example of how Greenlandic children are taught the need to protect the environment.

Although we strongly encourage you to stretch the comfort zone of your family and visit us here in Uummannaq, we are mindful that even Greenlandic children do not head out on extended winter trips. For this reason, we recommend only the tours listed below and the self-guided excursions if you are travelling with your children.


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