Winter Tours

What do you expect from a winter vacation in Uummannaq?

  • Dog sledding? We still use them in the traditional way for hunting.
  • Ice fishing? Let’s see who catches the most on the one long-line.
  • Northern Lights? The sky dances almost every night.
  • Sea ice? The sea freezes over for several months here, unlike further south.
  • Enormous icebergs? They aren’t going anywhere – frozen in place by the sea ice.
  • Small traditional settlements? 2 of them are within easy reach during winter.


Spend your winter tours Uummannaq with us for a more traditional and hands-on Arctic experience.Our local guides are hunters and fishermen who rely on their skills to provide food for their families throughout the year. Who better to show you the secrets of how the Inuit not only survived but thrived during the long Arctic winters – ancient techniques that they still use to this day.

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