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Ice Fishing & Dog Sledding Adventure

Uummannaq Greenland

6 hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

10 people


Danish, English


Ice Fishing & Dog Sledding Adventure.

Have you ever wondered how the Inuit catch fish when the sea is frozen over?

Ice Fishing in Greenland

Deep-sea ice fishing is a critical survival technique for the Inuit. Seals and land animals can be difficult to hunt, but Greenland’s seas are abundant with fish that are relatively easy to catch.

We will travel by dogsled for about an hour across the sea ice to a fishing spot that is usually very popular with locals.

Here you will learn from the experts how to break a hole in the ice and set long lines that can be up to 600 metres in length and include over 500 hooks.

Depending on the fishing schedule for previous days, we may be setting the lines, or we may be pulling them up. But either way, there will be a lot of fish!

Once we have our catch, we will make a delicious dinner from it following traditional methods before returning to Uummannaq.

Experience for yourself how the Inuit fish in winter by selecting a date and clicking on Book Now Ice Fishing & Dog Sledding Adventure.

Useful information related to this tour


  • Dogsledding across the sea ice as the Inuit have done for centuries
  • Deep-sea ice fishing with locals
  • Preparing and enjoying a delicious meal in nature using traditional Greenlandic methods


  • Bi-lingual (English-Danish) local guide
  • Coffee, tea, and snacks
  • Meal prepared out of what we catch
  • Dogsledding and fishing equipment
  • Fishing license
  • Safety equipment (VHF Radio, Garmin inReach Tracker)
  • Special clothing to keep you warm. This can be selected under Extras in the booking process. Please dress as warmly as possible as we will be in the cold for several hours each day. Temperatures can reach as low as -25°C
  • Alcoholic drinks

Tour's Location

Uummannaq Greenland
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