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A leisurely voyage around Uummannaq island


2 hours

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A leisurely voyage around Uummannaq island

On this excursion we sail around the island of Uummannaq and take it in from every angle. We take a closer look at the beautiful icebergs of the area and witness how the light brings out a fantastic display of colours on the frozen surface of the ice.  This trip is for anyone wishing to embark on a leisurely sailing trip where there is time to relax and simply enjoy the moment. 



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  • * See the area like a local
  • * Wildlife
  • * Icebergs
  • * Whales


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The pace is leisurely and unhurried and the atmosphere cozy as the boat Wilda sails around the beautiful island of Uummannaq while we enjoy a nice hot cup of good coffee. We sail out into the fjord and take in the beautiful island from a distance. From this vantage point, we can clearly see why it was given the name Uummannaq, which means Heart-Shaped. From the sea we can see the great heart-shaped mountain which towers over the surrounding landscape and forms the characteristic silhouette we are all familiar with from the hit TV-show Nissebanden i Grønland, which has been rerun several times on DR during the Christmas season. During our trip around Uummannaq we will get a good view of Santa Claus’ house where the elves in the TV series lived when helping Santa to prepare the Christmas presents. Even long after Christmas dinner has been eaten and the presents unwrapped we can still sense the afterglow of the warmth of Christmas as we sail past Santa Claus’ magnificent house. It almost makes you want to celebrate a bit of Christmas in July.

According to the myths surrounding Uummannaq you lose a little bit of your heart when you visit the island, and it is this little piece of your heart that will call you back to the area. So one simply cannot get away with only visiting our lovely island once. After visiting Uummannaq you will find yourself returning some day. During the voyage the captain will see to it that you experience things which will touch you to your heart. The sea is a wondrous thing, in a constant state of flux. For this reason no two voyages are ever completely the same. On this cozy trip there will be plenty of time to experience whatever the sea and the weather choose to serve up on that particular day. There will be time to sail around the majestic icebergs. We will have plenty of time to find just the right camera angles for you to capture the bright, turquoise colours that glint off the icebergs in the sun’s rays and in time with the lapping waves. While you are admiring the sight of the icebergs, the mountains and the landscape surrounding the fjord the captain will entertain you with myths and tall tales from the local area. We can’t vouch for the truthfulness of the stories, but we can promise you that they are full of mystery and wonder. This excursion is for anyone wishing to take a pleasant voyage on which there is plenty of time to really experience the unique moments that nature has to offer.


  • * Safety equipment
  • * Local Guide
  • * Coffee / Tea
  • * Open Boat
  • * Alcoholic drinks
  • * Meals

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