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Experience village – nature wildlife


4 Hours

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Daily Tour

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4 people




Experience village 

In Greenland, towns and villages are connected by the sea, so boat trips are a common transport form. If you want to Experience one of the villages in the Uummannaq fjord.

you can join our village tour, where we sail back and forth on the same day.

A village tour is for those who would like to Experience village – nature wildlife by sailing with our open boat Pumarang round trip from Uummannaq.

Our 5 open settlements

  • Niaqornat the smallest settlement in the fjord
  • Qaarsut where the Airport is
  • Ikerasak The settlement close the big glacier
  • Saattut the real fishermen and hunter settlement
  • ukkusissat the settlement close to the mine Mamorilik

In Uummannaq fjord we also have 2 closed settlement because of risk for a new tsunami for Karrat fjord.

  • Illorsuit
  • Nuugaatsiaq

Make sure you don’t miss out on seeing some of the major sights of the Uummannaq Fjord by selecting a date and clicking on Book Now Experience village – nature wildlife.


Useful information related to this tour


  • * See the area like a local
  • * Wildlife
  • * Icebergs
  • * Whales


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On the settlement trip to one of Uummannaq's settlements, the trip is primarily a transport trip from Uummannaq and to the settlement. The trip starts at the harbour in Uummannaq, from where we sail towards the settlement. During the sailing trip to the settlement we make small stops to look at what the day brings us, maybe it is the big whales, beautiful icebergs, wildlife or maybe a fisherman pulling his longline out of the sea with the famous halibut. When we arrive at the village, we dock and stay in the village for 2 hours where you can walk around on your own and experience the many corners of the village, talk to the local people, or enjoy the view over the fjord. Then we sail back to Uummannaq where there is the possibility of stops during the cruise. If you have special wishes or need to stay longer in the settlement, you are very welcome to contact me by phone + 299 26 26 26 or by email, and we can make an individual agreement.


  • * Safety Equipment
  • * 4 hours tour
  • * 2 hours in the settlement
  • * Coffee and tea on board the boat.
  • * Meals
  • * Alcoholic drinks

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